Ties That Bind Ch. 01 Pg. 01

Harsh light beats down on the arena. The crowd waits in eager anticipation. At the center of it all stand the two contestants: empty-handed and ready for a fight. The first is a man of impressive size, his face painted as part of his character. He's already racked up an impressive number of wins, and the smarter members of the audience have money riding on him. Across from him, a man of significantly less impressive size. His bangs flop across his face, obscuring any vision in his right eye. Unlike his opponent, the only thing he wears on his face is an expression that implies he may have made a very poor choice. The bell rings and the larger man wastes no time leaping into the fight.

Welcome to our third run of Ties That Bind. I would say there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for it but there really isn't one. I'm a perfectionist, what can I say? Ha ha... admitting there's a problem is the first step to recovery, right? ... RIGHT?
I designed the fellow on this page to be a cross between a kabuki actor and a luchador. I call him the Kabuchador, but Micah's not as enthusiastic about the name as I am. There's a video of this page being colored up on our LiveStream.

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