Ties That Bind Ch. 01 Pg. 08

Rita confidently leads Eon through the trees. "Let us meet up with the others," she smiles. He still seems surprised by how calm she is. "Sure. Lead the way." Above them, two men perch in a tree, watching from the shadows. The first carries a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back. The second has a strangely shaped dagger strapped to his side. The archer squints at Rita. "Is that our target? What do we do with the guy?" he asks. The dagger-wielder smirks in response. "Remove him, of course." The archer nocks an arrow. "No problem."

This page has taught me that drawing the layout, sketches, and line art the night before updating is a baaaaaaad idea.
Halfway through drawing even more trees for this, it occurred to me that I should probably not set (almost) the whole chapter in a forest if I don't like drawing trees.

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