Ties That Bind Ch. 01 Pg. 07

"H-hey..."Eon hurriedly attempts to hide the scythe behind his back. "Are you the Seed I'm supposed to meet?" he asks. The girl seems puzzled. "You know. Someone who can't use magic, and is immune to magic... yeah..." Eon explains, doing his best not to appear awkward. "You still call them Seeds, right? I've been out of the country for a while..." A look of understanding dawns on the girl's face and she beams. "Oh! You must be Eon. My name is Veritas, although I am usually called Rita. I have been waiting for you!"

Seriously, does nothing faze this girl? Always the ray of sunshine. Also, Eon's not smooth. At all.
Our mascot is a flying cookie, so I try to sneak them in whenever possible. Even if it has nothing to do with the scene.

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