Ties That Bind Ch. 01 Pg. 05

New scene. The sun shines over a thickly wooded forest. "Hm... where are the others?" Eon wanders through the forest, searching for his new team. He's now dressed in a soldier's uniform, and a scythe is strapped to his back. He stares at the glowing orb in his hand. "The locator says this is the meetup point, but I don't see any signs of anyone." He sighs and gives the orb a squeeze. A few stray sparks float around the orb. He sighs, annoyed. "This better not be broken." A rustle in the bushes. A hand reaches from the foliage, and Eon is immediately on the alert.

First full look at Eon's "signature" outfit. I helped with the background this time too! :: feels not useless ::
It's probably broken.

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