Ties That Bind Ch. 01 Pg. 03

The audience erupts into a frenzy of enthusiastic yells. This skinny fellow with the long bangs might have a chance after all. Among the spectators, one figure stands silent. A straw hat covers most of his face, but the fighter in the ring recognizes him immediately. Although he has the upper hand over the larger fighter, he steps back and calls out "I resign." His opponent is shocked. "WHAAAT!? My toof!" The lost tooth is a prop of little consequence, but the offense of leaving a match early cannot be forgiven. The audience mirrors his indignation, but the young fighter doesn't care. He's already left the arena.

I always find it funny when sport spectators yell obscenities and advice at the greatest of athletes as if they know better.
We finished working on this page while we were in the public library. The whole time, we couldn't stop giggling about the "My toof..." line. I'm not sure what that says about us.

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