Painapple Studio

About Us

Micah (Lead Artist, Character Design)

Micah was born and raised in Hawaii where he spent most of his time drawing and not paying attention in class (mostly because he was drawing). When he's not drawing, he's reading manga, cooking, or tending to his reasonably sized not at all too large collection of Transformers. To see more of his hijinks, follow him on twitter at @maioceaneyes.

Ayu (Writer, Colorist)

When she was seven years old, Ayu decided that writing was boring and unfun, and she swore she'd never become a writer. That promise really didn't work out. These days, her idea of a good time is tending to her tea garden. Her favorite genres are mystery and fantasy, and she thinks comics are pretty swell. She also likes bento, and baking. You can follow her exploits on twitter at @soymilkpudding.